Anti Reflection

Anti-reflection coatings reduce the surface reflection of light on glasses. Glass with n = 1,52 ( e.g. LIBA2000), typically 5% of the light arriving at the surface of a component is reflected.

With anti reflection coatings the loss can be reduced to less than 1%.

Cold Light Coating

High-quality lighting systems for the use in theatres, TV and live action shows work with very high-power light sources. These can generate Infrared radiation that is transmitted through the lighting system causing undesirable high temperatures in front of the lamps.

Our cold light coating applied to the glass is the optimal solution to reduce this IR radiation resulting in a reduction of the heat transmitted from the lamp units.

Dichroic Coatings

Our multi-layer dichroic coatings produce stable and accurate colour reflections and are primarily used in coloured airfield lighting prisms.